SOLLICH - Quality with Tradition

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For 80 years, our customers have known our name and rely on us. What began with the development of the SOLLKOCH, the world’s first vacuum sugar boiling machine, was continuously expanded over generations, with healthy growth. The third generation now leads the SOLLICH family company, with great success.

Our production today ranges from forming, extrusion and cutting systems, fully automatic coating systems and cooling tunnels to chocolate tempering machines and moulding systems for confectionery. These days, complete bar systems consisting of the named machines are almost classically put together for every bar product.






And what does the future hold?

20080904 SOLLICH 0063It is not easy to make modern machines for the confectionery industry. There is the know-how of many decades and the quality of the employees within the company. Given the variety of confectionery products, mass production of the machines is almost impossible, and therein lies one of the strengths of SOLLICH: customers’ requests as well as the particular requirements of the product are taken into account at all times and may even lead to a totally new design – while maintaining short delivery times! It is this flexibility which, given ever increasing automation and in a world of ever more rapid change, continues to represent the core of our company’s philosophy.

In basing its international reputation and market leading position on maintaining and consistently developing the proven principles, today’s company will continue to be managed in this spirit. All essential areas of the company are computerised. The complete design is CAD-based. A large part of the profits is reinvested in research and development. Hence, the development engineers have a well-equipped laboratory and technical college at their disposal. Worldwide sales and a first class customer service ensure the satisfaction of our customers – well into the 21st century.

Your satisfaction is our biggest success!