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Candymaster® CM120

Candymaster<sup>®</sup> CM120SOLLICH was already working on starchless moulding plants 50 years ago. The first line was installed in Sollich’s own sweet factory in Rostock in 1947. The Candymaster® sets new standards in the manufacture of products using the starchless moulding process. The ease of operation, flexible working methods and hygienic construction of the system are second to none. Our computer-controlled ‘one shot’ technology also permits the production of filled articles and bi-colour sweets such as chocolate eclairs. The depositing nozzle can also be divided so that different masses and forms can be produced simultaneously. The moulds are easy to change without tools.

Candymaster<sup>®</sup> CM120Fields of application

The Candymaster® CM 120 is suitable for the manufacture of products made from soft-boiled sugar masses such as fondant, caramel, toffee, fudge etc. The computer-controlled CM 120 can manufacture single-colour, bi-colour or filled ‘one shot’ products such as chocolate eclairs.


Candymaster<sup>®</sup> CM120Outstanding characteristics

  • mould widths from 400 to 1300 mm output for 5 g product weight ranges from approx. 200 to 1600 kg/h
  • flexible moulds made from a silicon rubber developed specially for the purpose
  • precision performance of the moulding machine due to servo drives and integral computerised controls supplied as standard
  • synchronisation and free programmability of all functions such as the moulding process, synchronised motion, mould drive, mould lifting and automatic ejection of the product
  • touchscreen control panel with graphic display developed by ourselves permits program changes with maximum ease, even during production
  • a multi-zone cooling tunnel with evaporators and high-speed fans ensures the products are cooled under controlled conditions


Depending on the product, the cooling tunnel may be fitted with a special air drying system to regulate humidity. This prevents sticking of extremely hygroscopic products during the manufacturing process.

SOLLICH has the full range of equipment you need

You will find the other equipment you need to cook the mass for manufacturing sweets in the range of products supplied by our subsidiary company CHOCOTECH.