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Contimixer Type SMN/SMK/SMC

SMKneuType SMK

The SMK mixer was developed to mix caramel and similar liquid sugar masses with nuts, dried fruit or cereals, eg, for bar production.

Capacity: up to 2000 kg/h.





For the continuous production of foam nougat (frappé), the SMN mixer is the ideal machine for mixing the foam (frappé) with dry ingredients such as icing sugar, milk and cocoa powder, nuts, dried fruit, etc.

Capacity depends on mixer size: up to 1.200 kg/h.







This continuous mixer - like most Sollich mixers - is equipped with our successful volumetric metering device. Mixer and metering device were especially developed for mixing cereals, dry fruits, nuts and binding material for feeding our Conbar® plants for the continuous production of cereal bars as well as for feeding our Cluster Former.