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Sollformat® SFN

Sollformat<sup>®</sup> SFNThe Sollformat® SFN is an extremely economical forming system from SOLLICH for confectionery masses containing fat. Originally, forming machines of this kind were used only for pastry dough or marzipan. The Sollformat® SFN represents a further development towards a universal forming system capable of processing a variety of different masses. It is important that the masses contain fat and have a granular or fibrous structure to aid the forming process.





Sollformat<sup>®</sup> SFNOutstanding characteristics of the Sollformat® SFN 

  • accurate control of product dimensions and weight many different product forms,
  • size change is easy
  • easy to clean, rapid changeover for different masses
  • can be used in conjunction with a range of other forming or moulding machines



Sollformat<sup>®</sup> SFNSollformat® SFN for rope forming of bars

The Sollformat® SFN is an ideal and efficient rope forming machine, especially suitable for square, rectangular or semi-circular cross-sections. Boat-shaped cross-sections can be filled in a second station. After rope forming, masses which are hot and soft are cooled and cut to the required product length.




Sollformat<sup>®</sup> SFNSollformat® SFN  for filled products

The Sollformat® SFN, operating in conjunction with a piston depositing machine, is a popular option for manufacturing filled products, e.g. fondant filled with jelly, marzipan filled with nougat or jam, or fudge filled with chocolate creme. The forming roller of the Sollformat® SFN can be changed easily for other product shapes.