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Sieving Systems

Sieving systemsEven small things are of major importance to SOLLICH.  Our vibrating sieves clean chocolate and fat mass so they are free from foreign bodies.  They protect secondary machines and their customers. 

Vibrating sieve type SES 3001

The chocolate vibrating sieve Type SES 3001, is a semi-circular vibrating sieve for assembling on the chocolate tank.  The sieve insert is made out of stainless steel and can be simply removed for cleaning. Available for mesh widths of 0.8 to 1.7mm.

Special designsSpecial designs

SOLLICH produces special designs upon request, such as square, rectangular or round vibrating sieve for placing on tanks, bulk chocolate trucks or tempering machines.





Sieving systemsSieve boxes and magnetic separators for chocolate material tubes

SOLLICH provides hot water heated sieve boxes for any pipe cross-section.  The sieve boxes can be simply opened for cleaning the sieve insert and the magnetic separator.