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Take-off system type Chocopack™

For removing coated or deposited products on plastic plaques.

Chocopack™ – the most successful removal system for coated and deposited pralines and bar products.  Gentle, hygienic and economic with working widths of 400-1300 mm.

Chocopack™ Type "C"

Chocopack™ Type "C"

The Chocopack™ “C” is suitable, in particular, for small praline products.  The edges of the plastic plaques are not covered.  A manual stacking device simplifies the filling of the storage boxes (option).




Chocopack™ Type "CR"Chocopack™ Type "CR"

Chocopack™ Type “CR” is used to remove bar shaped products. After packing in the centre of the belt, automatic row alignment takes place. It is possible to place 2, 3 or 4 rows of bars per plastic plaque.



Chocopack™ with rotary magazineChocopack™ with rotary magazine

The Chocopack™ can fill up to 30 plaques/min.  The size of the plastic plaque depends on the product and on the belt width.  Upon request, an additional side rotary magazine is available.  It increases the plaque supply to approximately 300 products and prevents sticking together when plaque feeding.


Chocopack™ with automatic plaque removal system Sollcopack®Chocopack™ with automatic plaque removal system Sollcopack®

Each Chocopack™ can be fitted with an automatic removal system for filled plaques.  All functions of Chocopack™ and Sollcopack® plaque removers are SPC controlled.

The Sollcopack® automatic plaque remover can place up to six filled plaques in a box and at the same time stack up to 13 empty and filled boxes.  One to two people are spared in this process at full capacity.

The PA-3 system for wide product installationsThe PA-3 system for wide product installations

The PA-3 system is recommended for wide product installations where 2 or 3 plastic plaques are required side by side for product take-off and where each case one filled plaque is loaded into one box.

The PA-4 system uses stackable plastic traysThe PA-4 system uses stackable plastic trays

The speciality of the PA-4 system is in the use of stackable plastic trays, on which the product is deposited in a single layer.