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The SOLLICH nut and nougat tempering machine has been developed for continuous direct feeding of depositing and extrusion equipment. The patented process, pioneering process and control technology and robust construction enable the equipment to handle a wide range of nougat and fatty masses.

In addition, the optional Contimixer SM is ideal for masses to which extra ingredients are added. The Contimixer SM mixes chopped nuts into the nougat and truffle mass, which is conveyed to the extruder via a delta feed.



Nugat-Temper Advantages

  • continuous cooling, solidification and plastification from the liquid to the solid state
  • constant viscosity of the nougat
  • more accurate weight control when forming
  • longer shelf life for the nougat
  • chopped nuts can be added
  • also suitable for truffle masses
  • mass can be aerated if required
  • Low energy demand by efficient technology using energy saving components (e.g. IE3 motors)




NT 300 = 200 - 350 kg/h
NT 500 = 350 - 550 kg/h
NT 800 = 550 - 900 kg/h

SMneuConti-Mixer SM

The Contimixer SM was developed for mixing nut or praline paste with chopped nuts. The finished mass is then fed directly  to an extruder via a specially designed delta outlet.