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Additional equipment

Cleaning device

For tempering machines with a capacity up to max. 3.300 kg/h a special cleaning device is available. By using this device the machine can be cleaned efficiently wasting very little washing fat. In this case the tempering machine will be equipped with the conforming cleaning connections and a frequency controlled main drive.


Flavour dosing systemFlavour dosing system

For chocolate and especially cream fillings in shell moulding plants we supply complete dosing and mixing systems for adding flavours, colours or solid ingredients such as chopped nuts, cereals, crocant pieces or dried fruits. The picture shows a plant with 3 flavor dosing stations incl. 3 monopumps and static mixers for the chocolate or cream as well as one dosing and mixing station for solid ingredients.  



TempergraphTempergraph with "Teach in"-Funktion

Tempergraph is the automatic Tempermeter for online measuring the degree of temper in your chocolate, eliminating human inteference as with portable Tempermeter. Built into our Turbotemper®, the Tempergraph records the chocolate temper every 6 minutes. The temper curve is automatically shown on the PC-screen of the Turbotemper® and saved. The progression of the degree of temper is displayed over several hours and a deviation alarm is provided.

With the recently developed "Teach in" method the operator can preset the required degree of temper so that no further adjustments are necessary.


TempermeterTempermeter E6

This newly developed Tempermeter E6 allows even easier and more comfortable measuring of the degree of chocolate temper. Printer, measuring probe, thermoelectric cooling system and a touch panel are all built-in.

A single phase electrical connection is all that is required. The equipment is fitted with an Ethernet and USB interface.





TanksChocolate tanks

Chocolate tanks from SOLLICH meet the highest standards of technical reliability and hygiene. They are manufactured with a double-walled construction and are electrically heated. The following equipment is fitted as standard:

  • a slow turning agitator
  • Total tank cover with a hinged lid on one side and a safety switch to stop the agitator if the hinged lid is opened
  • Thermal start-up safety device. The agitator can be switched on only if the contents of the tank is adequately heated. The typs RTN have a semicircular base and allow for total emptying of the tank

SPN 6Stationary chocolate pumps

Over 50 years’ experience of chocolate pump construction and the changes in the properties of modern-day chocolate masses have contributed to the design of these new gear pumps. They are designed to feed tempering machines, enrobing machines and storage tanks, to supply closed circular pipelines and to fill and empty tankers and conches. We attach great importance to the space-saving, compact and maintenance-free design.


  • Contimixer Type NM for tempered chocolate with admixtures such as nuts, raisins, cereals etc.
  • Volumetric Dosing System TD for granular and free-flowing ingredients.




De KristallisationChocolate de-seeding heat exchangers

Unused, tempered chocolate must be re-heated to approx. +45°C for de-seeding before re-entering a new tempering cycle. For this purpose, we deliver separate maintenance free heat exchangers type HE or we offer the built-in de-crystallization stage with types TTD.