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Contact Decoration Systems

Contact Decoration SystemsCustomised decoration 

In contact decoration systems, patterns are created on the product by deforming the chocolate while it is still soft using a special mechanical device. This method is used in the manufacture of bars, pralines and biscuits where the decoration is not achieved by means of an additional coating of chocolate or other coating. This method of decoration requires a sufficiently thick coating of chocolate on the product.


Contact Decoration SystemsSpiral Decorator SSD and Roller Decorator SWD

Both decorators are used to imprint patterns on the surface of the chocolate while it is still soft. The type SSD disc decorator has a spiral decorating device to produce continuous lines. The type SWD roller decorator is used to produce latticed, dotted and striped patterns. Both machines are installed at the discharge end of an enrobing machine.



  Contact Decoration SystemsEccentric Decorator SED  

The eccentric decorator permits various stippled effects to be produced on bar-formed products in particular. The decorating belt or decorating grid is easy to replace when a change of pattern is required. The bars are decorated as soon as the product leaves the enrobing machine, while the coating is still soft.