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Biscuit and Nut Depositors

Biscuit and Nut DepositorsPrecision filling of biscuits and wafers  

Biscuits or wafers can be fed into the plant semi-automatically via magazine depositors or direct from the oven. An automatic row alignment device ensures the products are fed accurately into the depositing machine. If desired, depositing can be carried out using two colours simultaneously (‘one shot’ technology), or a sprinkling device can follow the moulding process.  

Biscuit and Nut DepositorsNut depositors

Additional interesting possibilities are offered by combining the Sollcofill® moulding plant with our automatic nut depositor.

The nut depositor can place whole hazelnuts or macadamia nuts in position in groups of 1 to 4 or alternatively it can dispense chopped nuts by volume.

The moulding machine dispenses liquid nut creme, chocolate or caramel on the pastry or directly onto the cooling belt to provide an adhesive base for the nuts.