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Features Thermo-Flow® plus- Cooling Tunnels

All-round insulation and accessibilityAll-round insulation and accessibility

We have attached special importance to the energy-saving “all-round insulation” and to the hygienic design which facilitates cleaning.

The patented design of the joint between the cooling tunnel hood and the floor section resembles a tongue and groove system, i.e. no hinges are needed to lift up the hood.


Tools are surplus to requirementsTools are surplus to requirements

All the hoods can be removed completely without using tools. Alternatively, it is possible to remove one individual hood and then simply slide the others along.





No need for long arms


No need for long arms

Especially where belt widths exceed 1050 mm (42”), cleaning of both sides of the cooling tunnel is absolutely essential. With hoods that can be lifted on either side, SOLLICH cooling tunnels offer maximum accessibility. Of course, no tools are needed for this operation.




Air cooling moduleAir cooling module

Filters on the suction side contribute significantly to the sanitary standard.

Particles up to 1 micron are retained and the heat exchanger/evaporator always stays clean (GMP).

As an option we can supply a filter control unit. 



Radial fansRadial fans

Radial fans make sure an optimal air speed to cool center products and chocolate coating. The fans can be pivoted to allow better accessibility.





The cooling moduleThe cooling module

  • Fully clad and insulated, no cold bridges
  • Optimum accessibility
  • Air filter and water separator are standard
  • Either with integrated cooling compressor or modulating system for cold water or glycol cooling
  • With automatic cooling capacity control
  • Air drying with electrical air heating or dehumidifier as an option


Belt trackingBelt tracking

Photo-pneumatic belt-tracking devices on both sides ensures that there is minimal lateral belt movement, thus maintaining product orientation and an enhanced belt life.





Discovering a smooth rideDiscovering a smooth ride

Jolting belts have a detrimental effect on the cooling process. SOLLICH cooling tunnels have special space-saving belt drive stations requiring no maintenance; they are designed with hygiene in mind and fitted with shaft-mounted gear units. The result is that the products have a smooth ride. Additionally the devices are fitted with generously sized crumb trays.





Cleanliness at all timesCleanliness at all times

As an option, all cooling tunnels may be fitted with an automatic washing station. These are particularly recommended when cooling sugar-based products and ensure that the cooling belt is kept constantly clean during production. Designed with a lifting lid, the washing station is easy to clean – as always, without tools.





The stainless steel optionThe stainless steel option

Instead of the standard polyurethane hoods, all cooling tunnels can be fitted on request with robust “sandwich hoods”, plated inside and out with stainless steel.

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